What’s Around?

7 Grand 515 W 7th Street (upstairs)
Bottega Louie 700 S Grand Avenue
Brunos Café 502 W 6th Street
Cabbage Patch 520 W 6th Street
Café Pinot 700 W 5th Street
Caffé Primo 612 S Flower Street
California Pizza Kitchen 735 S Figueroa Street
Casey’s Irish Pub 613 S Grand Avenue
Chipotle 601 W 7th Street
Coco Laurent 707 S Grand Avenue
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 601 W 5th Street
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 801 W 7th Street
Corner Bakery 801 S Figueroa Street
Cucina Rustica 888 Wilshire Blvd
Denny’s 888 S Figueroa Street
Dolcini 619 S Grand Avenue
Domino‘s 545 S Olive
Elevate Lounge 811 Wilshire Blvd
Engine Company 28 644 S Figueroa Street
Fatburger 888 S Figueroa Street
Gourmet Crepe Xpress 529 W 6th Street
Gourmet Wines and Spirits 626 Wilshire Blvd
IHOP 800 S Flower Street
Industriel 609 S Grand Avenue
LA New York Pizza 518 W 6th Street
Loose Leaf 630 W. 6th St.
Maria’s Italian Kitchen 615 S Flower Street
Marie’s Deli and Cafe 731 W 7th Street
Mas Malo Cantina 515 W 7th Street (downstairs)
McCormick and Schmick’s 400 S. Hope Street
Mitaki 1139 S. Hill St.
Mo Chica 514 W 7th Street
Morton’s 735 S Figueroa Street
Noda Sushi 818 Wilshire Blvd
Ocho Mexican Grill 1234 Wilshire Blvd Suite 110A
Octopus 729 W 7th Street
Public School 612 612 S Flower Street
Qdoba 655 S Hope Street
Robeks 750 W 7th Street
Roy’s 800 S Figueroa Street
Sandwich Bar 606 S Olive Street
Sandwich Shop 531 W 6th Street
Seven Bar Lounge 555 W 7th Street
Simply Salad 645 W 9th Street
Soi 7 518 W 7th Street
Soleto Trattoria Pizza and Bar 801 S Figueroa Street
Starbucks 523 W 6th Street
Starbucks 555 W 5th Street
Starbucks 735 S Figueroa Street
Subway 630 W 6th Street
Subway 508 W 7th Street
Sugarfish 600 W 7th Street
Takami Sushi 811 Wilshire Blvd #2100
The Counter 725 W 7th Street
The Standard 550 S Flower Street
Tierra Café 653 S. Spring Street
Tommy Pastrami 516 W 6th Steet
Tossed 700 Wilshire Blvd
Water Grill 544 S Grand Avenue
Yorkshire Grill 610 W 6th Street

7-Eleven 818 W 7th Street
7-Eleven 501 S Broadway
7-Eleven 500 W 7th Street
Famima 525 W 6th Steet
Famima 700 Wilshire Blvd
Famima 505 S Flower
Famima 727 W 7th Street
Ralphs 645 W 9th Street
Rite Aid 600 W 7th Street
Walgreens 617 W 7th Street

ATM- Chase Bank 6th between Flower and Figueroa
ATM- Popular Community Bank 6th between Grand and Olive
ATM- Wells Fargo Corner of 6th and Hope

Cleaners Depot 619 W 6th Street
Los Angeles Public Library 630 W 5th Street
Macy’s and Macy’s Plaza 750 W 7th Street
Neihule Salon 607 S Olive
Niehule Salon 512 W 7th Street


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